“If we believe that Jesus died and rose, then so too will God, through Jesus, bring with him those who have fallen asleep.”
[1 Thessalonians 4:14]


Most of us can still remember how we felt upon hearing of the mass shooting in Texas and Ohio killing so many and wounding many more. Just when the families were shopping for clothes, school supplies, and various items for the opening of school, just when we thought of nothing more than the coming of school days and field trips—tragedy strikes instead.

Many people ask where is God? There are simply no words to describe the depths of sadness we felt and still feel. As we nationally mourn for those who perished, we mourn locally for one of our own, a grad student at St. Francis University in Loretto described on news as an exemplary alumnus. What a tragedy for us all to have to contend with.

So maybe the only glimmer of hope is a tiny shard of light from an ancient manger, a brilliant flash to remind us that God became one of us in order to make all things new through the death of his only son, his beloved.

God became part of our often-violent world in order to draw us close when our own time comes to wake from our sleep. Jesus in the fullers of our time, gather your faithful into your loving arms.  Amen.

Fr. Andrew, T.O.R.