and from the north and the south…

God cries out that the kingdom of heaven is for sale. The glorious bliss of this kingdom surpasses the power of mortal eye to see, mortal ear to hear, mortal heart to conceive.

If anyone asks the price that must be paid the answer is:  The One who wishes to bestow a kingdom in heaven has no need of earthly payment. No one can give God anything he does not possess, because everything belongs to him. Yet he does not give such a precious gift entirely gratis, for he will not give it to anyone who lacks love. After all, people do not give away what they hold dear to those without appreciation.

The desires of God and all the saints will be the same as yours in heaven. So since God has no need of your possessions but must not bestow such a precious gift on anyone who disdains to value it, love is the one thing he asks for; without this he cannot give it.

Give love, then, receive the kingdom: love and it is yours. To reign in heaven simply means exercising a single power with God and all the holy angels and saints through being so united with them in love as to want only what they want.

Fr. Andrew, T.O.R.