During these holy days did the thought ever occur to you: “If only I had been there,  I’d have believed!”

It’s easy to think that if we had been present for God’s great saving act as read in the Easter Vigil and ending in the Resurrection, then faith would be easy, because seeing is believing. But St. Paul’s Letter to the Romans says faith comes from hearing.

St. Luke’s Resurrection story supports this idea. Even the first witnesses to the Resurrection struggled to believe what their eyes told them. An empty tomb isn’t always a good sign.

The women only understood and believed after the angles gave the explanation: “He is not here, He is risen.” The women then told the Apostles. The women had seen, but needed hearing to understand.

Now these men had heard but needed to see. Only one had bothered to look. But when Peter did look, he found it just as the women had said.

God is active in our lives even today. But we often fail to recognize that action for what it is. Faith that God gives us is through the faith of the community and the Church – we hear the story – and that gives us a lesson through which we see what God is doing.

If we take the time to look at what we have heard, we might see something that leaves us as amazed as Peter was.

My prayer for you and yours is to have a blessed Easter Season. See you at Pentecost!

Fr. Andrew, T.O.R.