What do you think about St. Joseph? I know that he’s often overshadowed by Christ and His mother Mary of Nazareth. But Joseph too waited for God to speak to him and then respond with obedience.

Luke and Matthew mark Joseph’s descent in the line/house of King David. The Bible has left us with the most important knowledge about him: “He was a righteous man.”

St. Joseph revealed in his humanity the unique role of fathers to proclaim God’s truth by word and deed. His situation of being the foster father of Jesus draws attention to the truth about fatherhood, which is more than a mere fact of biological fatherhood.

A man is a father most when he invests himself in the spiritual and moral formation of his children. Joseph was keenly aware, as every father should be, that he served as the representative of God the Father.

We priests have the title of “Father” for we act in the spiritual realm as fathers, fathers in Baptism and the other sacraments in the spiritual responsibilities of life.

St. Joseph protected and provided for Jesus and Mary. He named Jesus, taught him how to pray, how to work, how to be a man.

St. Joseph’s life reminds us that a home or a community is not built on power and possessions, but on goodness; not on riches and wealth, but on faith, fidelity, purity and mutual love.

St. Joseph, the silent, speaks eloquently none-the-less.

Fr. Andrew, T.O.R.