In today’s gospel readings we see Jesus saving the couple’s wedding celebrations by providing wine when they had run out. What a fizzle the wedding feast would have been if Jesus had not intervened.

Even though we see that he was reluctant to reveal himself at that time—thanks to his mother Mary—he was generous almost to a fault at the beckoning of his mother. He was exceedingly generous with the quality and quantity of the wine he contributes.

Jesus is concerned with the dignity of every person. As I write this I remember my brother Dave’s church in Virginia, where a recently arrived legal refuge family was welcomed. Each one said a simple thank you to the congregation, which had generously given funds to help this family through their first year in our country.

They were migrants first, fleeing their home in desperation. I tried to imagine what they must have gone through and left behind, the patience and hope they surely needed during their long wait and now the courage they will need to settle-in in a new country and continue to learn a new language.

How thankful they must be. In a completely different way, I too was thankful. Coming to a new parish isn’t the same, but I did have to get acclimated to my new home. And I am so very thankful to God for this assignment; all the preparations you made. And I am thankful during this past Christmas for your generosity to me, the cards and messages, the cards with the “green holy cards” in, the food stuffs, the candy and cookies, and the genuine sentiments of the season.

This is my thank you note to each of you. Thank you so very much!

Sincerely yours in Christ and St. John Vianney,

Fr. Andrew, T.O.R.