One afternoon during Lent I was searching for something I could use in a sample homily for class. My mentor Father Leo Sands, O.S.B., a Besselian Father in the Canadian Province, had a reputation for being a fussy, hard-nosed professor, and I wanted an A in his class.

So I went into our library magazine section and picked up a recent copy (1985) of “Christian Mysticism Today.” Looking in magazines gave me a short reading list, and most articles were shorter than an “Analectta” article of 50 pages or so.

I came across an article that interested me, and it was short: “Changing Our Hearts.” What an appropriate Lenten subject – changing our hearts!

However, I came across a word I hadn’t heard of before: METANOIA [ me-tin-oya]. What could this mean? It meant A Change of Heart!!! Looking now at an old yellow sheet, I think I should really share it with you.

Christian Metanoia is a change of heart whereby we commit ourselves totally to the gospel. This does not mean that we make a commitment to scriptural exegesis. It means a commitment to live the gospel – not to live it in the world of Corinth or Philippi or Rome or Alexandria, but to live it in our modern world with its turmoil and anguish, with its poverty and oppression, with its glittering scientific achievements and its dismal social failures.

Christian Metanoia is a change of heart whereby we commit ourselves to the community of the disciples of Jesus united among themselves and united with other churches having an impact individually and on our world, little-by-little.

Yips! A thirty-five year old article can still have a kick to it!!          (Did you get the A in class?)!!

Fr. Andrew, T.O.R.