Have you ever been to a whispering gallery? Whisper near the wall in the gallery, and someone standing opposite you will clearly hear what you have said. Sound wave travel around the circumference, apparently “clinging” to the walls. Some day I’d like to experience that phenomenon myself.

My brother and family many years ago went to London, England. One of the many places they visited was Saint Paul’s Cathedral. This is London’s most famous “Whispering Gallery”. This church was built December 25, 1711. The whispering phenomenon was discovered not “built” into the Cathedral.

Throughout the Scriptures, our Lord whispers, speaks, and shouts words of truth, compassion, and love to those who belong to Him. [ Ephesians 1:4-6 NLT]. See if you can find that Scripture Text.

Dear Lord Jesus, I can scarcely believe what you have done for me! May my life echo your love in ways that all those around me will hear and believe. ( How would you finish this prayer during this Lenten Season?)

I whispered TWO WORDS……..thank you!!!!!     Do you think He Heard?

Fr. Andrew, T.O.R.