Isidore “the farmer” was born in Madrid, Spain, to a family of poor farm laborers. He and his  wife, St. Maria (Torribia) de la Cabeza, spent their lives working on the estate of Juan de Vergas and  were renowned for their piety, love of animals and generosity to the poor.

After Isidore’s death many miracles were attributed to him, including the cure of King Philip III (1615), who saw to it that Isidore was formally canonized.

St. Isidore is a patron of farmers and rural communities and of the city of Madrid. May we thank God for all the farmers, men and women, who work so hard that we may eat.

As many in the parish and our community prepare to plant their gardens this spring, let us ask St. Isidore to grant us good weather and a good growing season.

Fr. Andrew, T.O.R.