A Creatively Courageous Father

Joseph was the man chosen by God to guide the beginnings of the history of redemption. He was the true “miracle” by which God saves the Child Jesus and his mother.

Arriving in Bethlehem and finding no lodging where Mary could give birth, Joseph took a stable and, as best he could, turned it into a welcoming home for the Son of God to come into the world (Lk 2:6-7).

The “good news” of the Gospel consists in showing that, for all the arrogance and violence of worldly powers. God always finds a way to carry out his saving plan provided we show the same creative courage as the carpenter of Nazareth, who was able to turn a problem into a possibility by trusting always in divine providence.

St. Joseph, A Creatively Courageous Father, A Truster in God’s Providence, pray for us.