There are many facets of our parish life, all centered in various ways around worship and service. We invite all to participate.

We have many different ministries from volunteer altar servers, lectors and Eucharistic ministers to a wonderful team of kitchen volunteers who manage our Sub and Gob Sales and serve meals when our hall is rented or we have a special happening. Our parish has an active bereavement team that helps family members faced with a death. We also have a parish R.C.I.A. program for those who wish to convert to Catholicism.

We try to support the needy in our community by parish contributions to the local Interfaith Community Food Pantry. Periodically we prepare and serve a weekend meal at the St. Vincent DePaul Kitchen on Bedford Street in Johnstown.

There are many ways we can serve one another, from being an usher at Mass to praying for the parish each Monday during our Eucharistic Adoration. We urge all parishioners to be as active as possible in their prayer life and in our parish life. Please call the parish office for any questions or to become a volunteer.

Usher at Saint John Vianney Church, Johnstown, PA